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Brush Truck Water and Plumbing Features




A variety of pumps can be supplied to meet the customer's requirements and preferences. The pump is mounted as low as possible to provide a flooded suction to assure self-priming. This clears the bed for other usages.

The pump gas tank is easily accessible and has a fuel gauge to verify fuel level.







The tank can either be polypropylene or fiberglass per the customer's preference. The tank is mounted low to the frame to keep the center of gravity as low as possible and to distribute the weight to the truck frame iinstead of on the bed. The tank design is configured to distribute weight proportionally on the front and rear axles. A large fill tower is located on the top for top filling and a 2-1/2 NST Female swivel is provided for hydrant filling. Sight level gauges are provided to determine water level.






On Top Controls

All pump controls and valves are mounted on the topside of the Transverse Crosswalk. This location provides complete control of operations at one easy to reach location. Firemen do not have to get off truck to access any controls. All valves are color coded for easy identification.

All stainless steel plumbing is used for completed corrosion protection.


Stainless Plumbing



Apparatus Style Valves



Foam System

Class A foam injection systems can be provided upon request. The foam concentrate is injected into the main flow path so that all outlets can be used with foam. The foam tank is incorporated into the main water tank so that a separate tank is not taking up valuable space. When a foam unit is installed, the tank fill and pump overheat returns are connected before the injection system so that the foam will not be returned to the tank.


Around the Pump




Hose Reel

A large supply of hoses can be supplied with each unit. Two 1" x 10' whip lines come standard with each unit. These lines are long enough to use on either side of the truck. A 1-1/2" attach line connection along with hose trough capable of holing 100' of 1-1/2" attack line is supplied standard.

Lightweight aluminum hose reel provides corrosion resistance and no need for painting. Hose reels are capable of handling 150' of 1" red line or 200' of 3/4" red line. All hose reels have an electric return with the push button close to the reel.


1" Booster


1/2" High Pressure


1-1/2" Attack Line



Bumper Spray

Bumper spray nozzles provide a blanketing water spray to control grass fires on either side of the apparatus. The nozzles are individually controlled electronically from both inside the cab and at the pump panel. The bumper spray nozzles provide an excellent knockdown while the firefighter can provide mop up from the crosswalk. The spray from the nozzles also provides a cooling feature that helps keep the driver, firefighter and the apparatus cooler. Different capacity nozzles can be provided depending on individual requirements.


Remote Control Monitor

Remote controlled monitors can be mounted on the front of the apparatus. They can either be controlled from a joystick inside the cab or with a radio frequency control unit that can be used remotely from the truck. An electric ball valve is used to turn the water supply on and off.