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Brush Truck Features


Firefighter safety, water capacity, ease of use, quick response and maneuverability are all important features of being able to fight rural wildland fires. This unit from Cooper Creek Manufacturing Inc provides all of these features in style.

Fire Fighter Safety: The Cooper Creek Manufacturing Inc unit provides six sided protection for either one or two firefighters and keeps them in close communication with the driver.

Ease of Use: All the pump and hose controls are conveniently located on the top of the unit in easy access so the firefighter does not have to exit the safety area of the vehicle to use any of the controls. All controls are legibly labeled so that any firefighter can easily understand and operate them no matter what amount of training has been provided.

Quick Response: By using commercial cab and chassis that are designed to handle the weight requirements and with proper sized motors, transmissions and gearing, quick response along with plenty of power to maneuver over rough terrain can be accomplished.

Maneuverability: All Cooper Creek Manufacturing Inc units are designed to meet NFPA 1906 clearance and slope stability requirements. The water tank is recessed in the bed to provide the lowest possible center of gravity that far exceeds the requirements of NFPA 1906.